Community Members

How does space rental work?

The space rental is cater to you, base on availabilities. The best way to make sure you have the space available is to plan ahead (up to 2 months in advance).

What can I use the space for?

You may use the space for almost anything you like from birthday parities, business meeting, music nights, painting party, karaoke, to a yoga group. The sky is your limit. 

How do I get my 10% Rebate?

If you rented the space and your crowd bought food or drinks during the event, you will get a 10% rebate at the end of the night from one of the staff member. 

Can I bring my own Food & Drinks?

The restaurant will be providing all the food and drinks, therefore, no outside edibles are allowed. 



Our BEYOND membership is one of the best deals available. The membership allows you to  take advantage of so many things such as FREE meals, slushies, to getting a rental space at no cost. That's definitely not all the perks of being a BEYOND member. Scroll down to learn more.



Image by Gabriel Gurrola


  • 2 FREE meals a month (meal does not roll over)


  • 10 egg rolls for $10 (max 10 per day)

  • FREE Slushy or Latte (1 per day)

  • ***Space Rental (once per month)***

  • ***10% Rebate on hosted events***