Unseen Adventure Reviews

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Family Time

"Every one of our senses were challenged during this fun dining event. All of the food was delicious (and filling). The puzzles in between brought out an extra & unexpected layer of fun. The staff were amazing & friendly, guiding us through each adventure. Highly recommend and can’t wait to go again!" -Customer

Mother & Daughter Time

Mother: I was scared at first but when Smoh explained everything I began to feel more relaxed and comfortable


Daughter: It was fun and I loved every part of it


Couple Date Night

Wife: Being blind folded was so much more peaceful. Your mind was so at ease while enjoying the foods, games and music.


Husband: This was amazing. It was our first time doing something like this we loved it. Music took me back and I had time to think about life.


Looks like they had a good experience indeed.